GHF HIGH-lights – Ep 0-5

 Hey Get High First fans,

Here’s a special episode just for you!  Instead of trying to squeeze one last recording in before the New Year, your favorite producer went back through our first several episodes and grabbed some of the best moments – funny and serious – for your enjoyment.  There’s a bunch of content here that may have been lost in some of the many hours of show we’ve already shared with you, so this is a way to get the highlights and ring in the New Year with some interesting thoughts to ponder.  Happy 2019 and here’s to many more shows!

Editor’s note: Some rabbit trails were edited out in the interest of length and clarity

Common origin intro explanation

Unicorns are like “I’m a Laicy”

Laicy sings an original song “Get High with Us”

From Episode 0 (Intro and Voting)

  • Jeff screwing up the first intro
  • Laicy shares her religious views on the first show
  • Paul loves chocolate
  • We’re looking forward to responding to your emails

Let’s Get High (this is a clip from a Dr. Dre song.  The rest of the song is less upbeat)

From Episode 1 (Women CEOs and Education):

  • Laicy’s first topic is great
  • Paul blows Laicy’s mind
  • Jeff explains that college is the “cumshot of the shitcock” and explains it using Cutco as an example (note: the “shitcock” is not fully explained for another 10 episodes)

I Am Immortal by Queen (song from Highlander)

From Episode 2 (Solo the movie, Narcissism and Competition):

  • Solo established the Han and Chewy life partnership (#XenoNoHomo)
  • Paul hijacks Laicy’s narcissism topic to share his thoughts on competition.
  • Of particular interest is how many future topics get referenced in this conversation:
    • Competition
    • Counting and comparing
    • Merit
    • Religion scratching a “spirituality itch”
    • Desire for societal change by changing people’s perspectives
    • Capitalism is flawed
    • How do you better yourself without competition
    • Failure
    • Systems inevitably become corrupted
    • How do we create values that people will voluntarily aspire to

I Want to Know What Love Is by Foreigner

From Episode 3 (Meditation and Acceptance):

  • Laicy loves Foreigner (or at least the lead singer)
  • Laicy would give Paul ecstasy if she could
  • Don’t tell Laicy who her pussy belongs to
  • Benefits of religion
  • Benefits of meditation
  • Acceptance – includes Jeff blowing Paul’s mind regarding acceptance
  • Paul asking Listeners to participate and Laicy can smell assholes

Beast of Burden by The Rolling Stones

From Episode 4 (Things that remind you of childhood and Poverty) – this is our most downloaded episode so far and after re-listening to it, I still think it is pretty solid.  Getting this down to a limited number of clips was a real challenge:

  • Funny opening to the show – rudeness was created by white people + Laicy’s period is long
  • Irregular cannabis users describe symptoms Jeff likes
  • Laicy’s head ears (Trainwreck makes its first appearance) and doesn’t follow format
  • Paul doesn’t like Steve Miller
  • Paul isn’t ready to discuss art criticism, Jeff disagrees.  Jeff is also pro-xeno autopsy
  • Jeff made a light saber replica
  • Paul eats the white meat which leads to more rabbit trails
  • Huge poverty discussion
    • Jeff and Laicy were poor as preachers
    • Poverty has become the norm
    • Race impacts the poverty experience

Fly like an Eagle by Steve Miller Band

From Episode 5 (Art Criticism and Certainty with our first guest, Tyson):

  • Capitalism sucks
  • If you don’t smoke it all, it goes bad (weed at Costco)
  • Skipping the ‘What is Art?” discussion
  • Jeff’s thought experiment
    • Paul is jealous
    • Laicy eats cookies
    • Airline first class section
    • Reality TV
    • No space for mistakes in current culture – need to create strength in uncertainty
    • How do we emphasize strengths without making it about competition (Jeff comes back to Competition disagreement from Episode 2)
  • How do we reinforce brain elasticity (make it ok to be uncertain)
    • People absorb culture from religion regardless of whether or not they are religious
    • Science provides the certainty that people are missing if they aren’t religious
    • How do we incentivize collaboration over competition
    • Feedback and support come from your community (work and church)
  • Coal miners (and other manual laborers) don’t hate their jobs
    • There’s pride in the work
    • There’s a reward in manual labor (seeing a finished task)
    • They get validation from the generations that did the work before them
    • Could you create a system that only gives jobs people feel good about (and not about money and titles)

Fool in the Rain by Led Zeppelin

From the first listener tweet (Spouse stops sleeping with you):

  • Talk to your partner and be prepared to hear something you won’t like

Laicy and Jeff harmonize – Let’s read some emails

From the first listener email (Education and Parenting):

  • Monica has several degrees and walks dogs
  • Jeff struggles with general education
  • Parenting (drugs and sex topics)

Laicy, Jeff and Paul harmonize – We got a phone call!

From the first listener voicemail (Voting):

  • Explaining 3rd party in elections
  • Our current system is not fixed, it’s just the system we have
  • Kale debate

Immortal Technique with Mos Def – Bin Laden