Wait... who are you again?

We're just three friends that think we have something interesting to share with the world.  Lots of terrible things are happening around the globe right now and we can't fix many of them.  But what if we look ahead 30 years to a more peaceful, sustainable, loving society?  What do we need to change today in order to achieve that society?  What do we need to agree on and define in order to get there?

Think of this like a modern take on the original Plato and Socrates debates millenia ago... only with more weed.

The podcast regulars are joined by a variety of guests who are on their own journeys of discovery in the hopes that at least one of us will say something you've never thought before.  The regulars are:

  • Jeff - pastor to the nons
  • Laicy - narcissistic unicorn
  • Paul - conflicted capitalist

So open your mind, pack a bowl, and join us on our endeavor (in whatever order strikes your fancy).  We're excited for what's ahead!

Alternate Taglines

The official tag line for the podcast is "It's all about perspective..."  However, we have not completed any multi-day strategy sessions to fully vet that tagline, so periodically we may change it up with some others.  (This is another way of saying that the person writing the content on this page didn't propose the official tag line)

  • Stop not meditating
  • Get Woke - A how to guide
  • Examine your aversions
  • Your pain is self-chosen
  • Impregnating the mind of the world

Meet the Team

New to the show?  Here's a quick guide to the personalities you will encounter.

(The pictures below are wordpress stock photos, but they are much more fun than our real photos.  Yay, diversity!)



Pastor to the Nons



Narcissistic Unicorn



Conflicted Capitalist